Abortion, therapeutic

  • Therapeutic abortion is only recommended in cases where the health of the mother and / or fetus is at risk.
  • In Kenya the decision to carry out therapeutic abortion should be made by at least two experienced doctors.

##Conditions that may call for therapeutic abortions include:

  • Anencephaly: a defect in the formation of the neural tube that can result in a failure of the brain, skull and scalp to develop
  • Genetic defects such as Meckel-Gruber Syndrome, Pentalogy of Cantrell, Thanatophoric Dysplasia and various chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Excessive hydrocephalus
  • Excessive amniotic bands in the uterus
  • Woman with a severely compromised heart
  • Diagnosis of a dangerous cancer that requires immediate treatment
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Counseling and legally approved abortion
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