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Inflammatory and degenerative forms of rheumatism, pain following dental surgery, dysmenorrhoea, gout, painful muscular and skeletal conditions.
Orally: 75-150mg daily in 2-3 divided doses. Deep I.M into the gluteal muscle: 75mg OD or BD (post operative and acute exacerbations of pain). Maximum total dose by any route is 150mg. Children: 1 year or over with juvenile arthritis: 1-3mg/kg daily orally or through rectal route.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Dyclomax. tabs 50mg 100 KES173.00
Dyclomax. CR tabs 100 mg 30 KES115.20
Diclofenac Sodium_Laborate injection 75mg / 3ml: Amps 1 KES6.25
Voltamed Tablets 100 mg 100 KES52.00
Rufenac Tablets 50 mg 250 KES70.00
Rufenac Gel 20 gm 1 KES21.50
Rufenac Gel 30 gm 1 KES25.00
Dynapar. EC Tablets 50mg 100 KES114.00
Dynapar. AQ Injection 75mg/1mL 5 KES425.00
Dynapar. PFS AQ Injection 75mg/1mL 1 KES390.00
Dicloran Tablets 50mg 100 KES35.00
Diclofen. SR SR Tablets 100mg 100 KES120.00
Nudiclo. Tabs Potassium, 100mg 30 KES262.00
Subsyde CR CR Caps 100mg 10 KES175.00
Lofnac Supp 100mg 10 KES170.00
Lofnac Supp 50mg 10 KES145.00
Lofnac SR tabs 50mg 10 KES35.00
Lofnac SR tabs 100mg 10 KES40.00
Diclomol tabs 50mg 100 KES175.00
Diclomol CR tabs 100 100 KES950.00
Diclomol Inj 75mg/3mL 10 KES130.00
Soludol DT tabs 50mg 100 KES1100.00
Dinac. tabs 50mg 100 KES75.00
Dinac. SR tabs 100mg 100 KES100.00
KNAC, diclofenac potassium tabs 50mg 30 KES230.00
KNAC, diclofenac potassium tabs 75mg 30 KES400.00
Diclomed tabs 50mg 100 KES40.00
Diclomed tabs 50mg 1000 KES375.00
Diclomed inj 75mg/3mL 1 KES5.00
Diclomed SR tabs 100mg 100 KES65.00
Diclomed supp 100mg 10 KES125.00
Velredin tabs 50mg 100 KES50.00
Velredin tabs 100mg 100 KES75.00
Clofen. tabs 50mg 100 KES60.00
Clofen. tabs 50mg 1000 KES350.00
Rheumac tabs 50mg 100 KES45.00
Rheumac tabs 50mg 1000 KES380.00
Rheumac SR tabs 100mg 100 KES82.00
Rheumac SR tabs 100mg 1000 KES750.00
Olfen. tabs 50mg 20 KES840.00
Olfen. SR tabs 100mg 10 KES800.00
Olfen. SR tabs 75mg 30 KES1175.00
Olfen. rectocap 75mg + Lignocaine 20mg 5 KES720.00
Olfen. inj 75mg/2mL 5 KES1200.00
Rhumalgan. tabs 50mg 20 KES570.00
Clofenac. inj 75mg/3mL 10 KES125.00
Clofenac. tabs 50mg 100 KES200.00
Clofenac. SR tabs 100mg 100 KES300.00
Maxiclofenac TR. tabs 100mg 100 KES750.00
Difisal. tabs 50mg 1000 KES350.00
Difisal. SR tabs 100mg 100 KES350.00
Dola CR. SR caps 100mg 10 KES107.00
Diclo.Denk. tabs 50mg 100 KES681,67
Diclo.Denk. SR tabs 100mg 100 KES1375.09
Diclo.Denk. inj 75mg/3mL 10 KES857.96
Diclo.Denk. supp. 100mg 10 KES622.91
Cataflam, as a potassium salt tabs 25mg 20 KES731.00
Cataflam, as a potassium salt tabs 50mg 20 KES1,287.00
Cataflam, as a potassium salt tabs 50mg 100 KES4,912.00
Cataflam, as a potassium salt drops 0.5mg/mL:15mL 1 KES742.00
Cataflam, as a potassium salt susp 1.8mg/mL:120mL 1 KES679.00
Voltaren. SR tabs 75mg 30 KES2,339.30
Voltaren. SR tabs 100mg 30 KES2,437.00
Voltaren. SR tabs 100mg 100 KES7,796.00
Voltaren. inj 75mg/3mL 5 KES1452.00
Voltaren. supp. 12.5mg 10 KES575.00
Voltaren. supp. 25mg 10 KES497.00
Voltaren. supp. 100mg 5 KES780.00
Voltaren. supp. 100mg 10 KES678.61
Voltfast. powder 50mg 9 KES783.00
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