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Anxiety, insomnia with anxiety, child night terrors and somnambulism, acute alcohol withdrawal and acute panic attacks, status epilepticus, convulsions due to poisoning, cerebral spasticity, muscle spasm of various causes.
2mg TID. Increase when re- quired to 15-30mg daily in divided doses [in elderly use 1⁄2 an adult dose]. Slow 1.V into large vein at the rate of not more than 5mg/minute. Insomnia with anxiety: 5-15 mg nocte. Child night terrors and somnambulism: 1-5mg nocte. Acute alcohol withdrawal and acute panic attacks: 1.M or slow 1V 10mg stat, repeat after 4 hours. Status epilepticus: 1.V inj. 10-20mg at 0.5ml/30secs. Convulsions due to poisoning: 1.V inj. 10-20mg at 500 mcg/kg repeated after 12 hours as required; elderly 250 micrograms/kg; Neonate, 1.25– 2.5 mg repeated once after 10 minutes if neces- sary; 1 month–2 years, 5 mg repeated once after 10 minutes if necessary; 2–12 years, 5–10 mg repeated once after 10 minutes if necessary; 12– 18 years, 10–20 mg repeated once after 10 minutes if necessary. 0.5ml/30secs. Cerebral spasticity in given causes: 2-40mg daily in divided doses. Muscle spasm of various causes e.g. tetanus. 1.V inj 100-300mcg/kg repeated every 1-4 hours. 1.V infusion 3-10mg/kg over 24 hours.As rectal solution, acute anxiety and agitation, adults,
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Cozepam. tabs 5mg 100 KES162.00
Lori. Inj 5mg/mL: 2mL 10 KES500.00
Diazepam, by Medisel inj 10mg 1 KES65.00
Diazepam, by Medisel tabs 5mg 100 KES50.00
Diazepam, by Medisel tabs 5mg 1000 KES220.00
Da-zepam. tabs 5mg 100 KES85.00
Da-zepam. tabs 5mg 1000 KES450.00
Calm 5. tabs 5mg 100 KES85.00
Calm 5. tabs 5mg 1000 KES435.00
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