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Glimepiride / Metformin
Uncomplicated and non-ketonic diabetes mellitus (maturity onset type II diabetes).
Dose depends on blood sugar level. Max dose 8mg/2000mg glimepiride and metformin respectively
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Glypin-Met tabs 2mg/500mg 30 KES499.00
Amaryl_M Tabs 2mg/500mg 20 KES770.00
Amaryl_M Tabs SR 2mg/500mg 30 KES1,203.00
Glymet SR tabs 1mg/500mg 100 KES1450.00
Glymet SR tabs 2mg/500mg 100 KES2,200.00
Gemer tabs 1mg/500mg 50 KES1740.00
Gemer tabs 2mg/500mg 50 KES2100.00
Glisen MF tabs 1mg/500mg 30 KES850.00
Glisen MF tabs 2mg/500mg 30 KES1260.00
Perglim M. tabs 2mg/500mg 100 KES2927.00
Diapride Plus. 1. tabs 1mg/500mg 30 KES800.00
Diapride Plus. 2. tabs 2mg/500mg 30 KES853.00
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