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Artemether / Lumefantrine
Treatment and standby emergency treatment of adults, children and infants with acute and uncomplicated malaria due to P. falciparum infection or mixed infection including P. falciparum. It is recommended for malaria infections acquired in areas where multi-drug resistance is present or developing.
(Based on 20mg/120mg tablets) Adults: 4 tablets stat, then 4 after 8hrs, then 4BD x 2/7 (24 tablets). 5-15kg: 1 tablet stat, then 1 after 8 hrs, then 1 BD x 2/7 (total = 6 tablets). 15- 25kg: 2 tablet stat, then 2 after 8hrs, then 2 BD x 2/7 (total = 12 tablets). 5- 15kg: 3 tablet stat, then 3 after 8hrs, then 3 BD x 2/7 (total = 18 tablets). In the event of vomiting within I hr of administration a repeat dose should be taken.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Artefan. tabs 20mg/120mg 24 KES55.00
Artefan. tabs 40mg/240mg 12 KES300.00
Artefan. tabs 40mg/240mg 6 KES1 51.00
Artefan. tabs 80mg/480mg 6 KES310.00
Artefan. susp 180mg/1080mg/60mL 1 KES282.00
Artefan, AMFm tabs 20mg/120mg 12 KES24.00
Artefan, AMFm tabs 20mg/120mg 18 KES28.90
Artefan, AMFm tabs 20mg/120mg 24 KES90.00
Artefan, AMFm tabs 20mg/120mg 6 KES39.00
Lumerax Inj 80mg/480mg 6 KES162.00
Lonart DS tabs 80mg/480mg 6 KES290.00
Lonart Tabs 20mg/120mg 24 KES60.00
Lonart Disp, Tabs 20mg/120mg 6 KES120.00
Lonart Susp 20mg/120mg/5ml:60mL 1 KES290.00
Co.Corither.DS tabs 80mg/480mg 6 KES300.00
Co.Corither. susp 180mg/1080mg/60mL:60mL 1 KES275.00
Lufenart susp 60mL 1 KES70.00
Lum-Artem. Forte tabs 80mg/480mg 6 KES100.00
Lum-Artem. Dry susp 15mg/90mg:60mL 1 KES120.00
Lum-Artem. tabs 20mg/120mg 24 KES85.00
Coartem. tabs 20mg/120mg 6 KES190.00
Coartem. tabs 20mg/120mg 12 KES322.00
Coartem. tabs 20mg/120mg 18 KES338.00
Coartem. tabs 20mg/120mg 24 KES394.00
Coartem. tabs 80mg/480mg 6 KES642.00
Luteriam. tabs 20mg/120mg 24 KES250.00
Lumet. tabs 20mg/120mg 24 KES105.00
Coartesiane. susp 180mg/1080mg/60mL:60mL 1 KES460.00
Coartesiane. susp 360mg/2160mg:120mL 1 KES585.00
Lumet. Tabs 20mg/120mg 6 KES20.00
Lumet. Tabs 20mg/120mg 12 KES36.00
Lumet. Tabs 20mg/120mg 18 KES49.00
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