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Dihydroartemisinin / Piperaquine
All forms of malaria, including severe malaria, cerebral malaria and multi-drug resistant malaria (provided that the patient can take medications orally).
6<age< 11: 1.5 tabs day one, 1.5 tabs day two, 1 tabs day three; 11< age< 16: 2 tabs day one, 2 tabs day two, 2 tabs day three; Age > 16: 3 tabs day one,3 tabs day two, 2 tabs day three.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Malacur tabs 40mg/320mg 12 KES497.00
Malacur tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES460.00
Malacur susp 90mg/720mg/60mL 1 KES430.00
Co-Santecxin tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES221.00
P. Alaxin Tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES290.00
P. Alaxin Susp 80mg/640mg:80mL 1 KES290.00
Duo-Artepep tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES330.00
Duo-Artepep susp 80mg/640mg/80mL:80mL 1 KES275.00
Duotab tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES225.00
Co-Malasinin. tabs 40mg/320mg 8 KES244.00
Co-Malasinin. susp 80mg/640mg/80mL:80mL 1 KES244.00
Ridmal. tabs 40mg/320mg 3 KES180.00
Ridmal. tabs 40mg/320mg 6 KES250.00
Ridmal. tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES275.00
Ridmal. tabs 40mg/320mg 12 KES380.00
Co-Artemax. tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES400.00
D-Artepp. tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES304.00
D-Artepp. Disp tabs 20mg/160mg 6 KES186.00
D-Artepp. Disp tabs 40mg/320mg 6 KES284.00
D-Artepp. Disp tabs 80mg/640mg 6 KES460.00
Eurartesim. tabs 40mg/320mg 9 KES559.00
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