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Aciclovir or acyclovir, oral & parenteral.
Treatment of HSV, Prophylaxis of HSV, HSV or recurrent HZV,
Treatment of HSV: 200mg 5 times daily for 5 days [adult and children over 2 years]. Children under 2 years: 1⁄2 the above dose. Immuno-compromised: double the above doses. Prophylaxis of HSV: 200-400mg QID. Adult and over 2 years: Under 2 years; 1⁄2 the above dose. Treatment of HZV: 800mg 5 times daily for 7 days. By I.V infusion, HSV or recurrent HZV 5mg/kg TID [over 1 hour]. Children: 3 mths - 12years; 250mg/m2 TID up to 3months - 10mg/kg TID. Dose doubled in immunocompromised patients.
Mode of action
Side Effects
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Zovirax. susp 200mg/5mL:125mL 1 KES5,082.70
Zovirax. tabs 200mg 25 KES5,876.00
Zovirax. tabs 400 mg 70 KES24,267.90
Zovirax. inj 250mg/vial 5 KES16,288.30
Cyclovir. tabs 200mg 30 KES247.00
Cyclovir. tabs 400mg 10 KES176.00
Cyclovir. tabs 400mg 30 KES368.00
Acorcip tabs 200mg 100 KES1821.00
Acorcip tabs 400mg 50 KES3420.00
Acorcip tabs 800mg 50 KES3642.00
Lovir. tabs 400mg 25 KES1284.00
Virucid tabs 200mg 30 KESN/A
Virucid tabs 400mg 30 KESN/A
Univir tabs 200mg 30 KES343.00
Univir tabs 400mg 10 KES420.00
Univir tabs 800mg 10 KES590.00
Alcovir. tabs 800mg 30 KES2000.00
Galaxy's Acyclovir inj 250mg/10mL:10mL 1 KES1650.00
Davir. tabs 200mg 30 KES350.00
Virux. tabs 200mg 30 KES450.00
Virux. tabs 400mg 20 KES500.00
Herperax. tabs 200mg 30 KES480.00
Herperax. tabs 800mg 20 KES1306.00
Acyclovir, by Metro cream 5%:2gm 1 KES135.00
Acyclovir, by Metro tabs 200mg 25 KES180.00
Acyclovir, by Metro tabs 400mg 56 KES500.00
Acyclovir, by Metro tabs 800mg 35 KES600.00
Azzir. tabs 400mg 30 KES320.00
Azzir. tabs 400mg 30 KES320.00
Azzir. tabs 400mg 30 KES320.00
Azzir. tabs 400mg 30 KES320.00
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