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Povidone Iodine, skin
Prophylaxis and treatment of topical infections.
Above 2yrs old: Treatment of infection: Apply OD or BD (max.of 2wks). Prevention of infection: Apply once or twice a wk.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Saniquad PVPT Solution 10% w/v: 125mL 1 KES124.00
Saniquad PVPT Solution 10% w/v: 500mL 1 480.00
Saniquad PVPT Solution 10% w/v: 1L 1 KES648.00
Iodoshield Scrub Solution 7.5%: 500mL 1 KES525.00
Iodoshield Solution 10%: 500mL 1 KES325.00
Iodoshield Solution 10%: 1L 1 KES600.00
Iodoshield Solution 10%: 5L 1 KES3000.00
Povicon Iodine Sol 10%w/v:200mL 1 KES85.00
Povicon Iodine Sol 10%w/v:5L 1 KES1,700.00
Germidine Sol 10%w/v:125mL 1 KES285.00
Germidine Sol 10%w/v:500mL 1 KES785.00
Germidine oint 10%w/v:40gm 1 KES290.00
Germidine spray 5%:60gm 1 KES520.00
Germidine Surgical scrub 5%:500mL 1 KES785.00
Betadine Ointment oint 10%:40gm 1 KES415.00
Betadine Dry Powder Spray powder spray 2.5%:55gm 1 KES580.00
Povisep Cream cream 6%:25gm 1 KES188.00
Biodine Sol 10%:100mL 1 KES100.00
Biodine Sol 10%:200mL 1 KES200.00
Biodine Sol 10%:500mL 1 KES300.00
Biodine Sol 10%:1L 1 KES550.00
Biodine Sol 10%:5L 1 KES2400.00
Wokadine Ointment oint 10%:15gm 1 KES135.00
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