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Potassium Chloride
Treatment and prophylaxis of hypokalaemia; metabolic alkalosis; in chronic digitalis intoxication; hypokalaemic familial periodic paralysis; those on potassium-depleting drugs like thiazides and loop diuretics; hepatic cirrhosis with ascites; in chronic and secondary hyperaldosteronism; chronic diarrhoea; chronic laxative use; prolonged vomiting; long-term corticosteroid therapy; potassium losing nephrop-athy; Bartter's syndrome.
HYPOKALEMIA, MILD TO MODERATE: Orally: 40-100 mEq daily in divided doses (Max. single dose: 25 mEq to reduce GI discomfort). SEVERE HYPOKALEMIA: Orally 40 mEq TID to QID OR alternatively 20 mEq PO BID to TID with IV potassium administration. HYPOKALEMIA PROPHYLAXIS: Orally 10-20 mEq BID. IV intermittent infusions; less than or equal to 10 mEq/hr to repeated as directed by lab values and ECG monitoring. DOSING DIRECTED BY SERUM POTASSIUM LEVELS: For potassium levels of 2.5-3.5 mEq/L administer infusion at a maximum rate of 10 mEq/hr; for 40 mEq/L do not to administer more than 200 mEq dose in 24hr.
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Potassium Chloride_Laborate injection 10% w/v; amp 1 KES40.00
KT Inj 150mg/mL:10mL 10 KES737.00
Potassium chloride, Kilitch inj 15%:10mL 1 KES75.00
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