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Anti-D immunoglobulin
Prophylaxis of Rhesus sensitization.
Full-term Delivery: 300 ug within 72 hrs of delivery (e.g. birth, abortion) if there are no pre-existing anti-D antibodies. (It can still be administered even if a longer period has elapsed). Prophylactic doses of 300ug on 28th and 34th weeks of gestation and 300ug within 72 hrs of delivery for the un-sensitized patients. For transplacental bleed in excess of 4-5ml fetal red cells: administer 60 -75 ug per ml fetal red cells. For stillbirth, abortion, amniocentesis and other sensitizing episodes up to 20 wks gestation: 150 ug per episode within 72 hrs. In case of incompatible blood transfusion: 75 ug / ml of transfused Rh (+ve) blood.
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