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A broad-spectrum anthelmintic. See under albendazole dosage below.
Over 2 years: [children and adults]: 400mg stat for pinworm, whipworm, ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm. 400mg OD x 3/7 for taeniasis and strongyloidiasis. If patient is not cured on follow-up after three weeks a second course of treatment is indicated. Hydatid disease [cystic hydatid disease caused by the larval form of the dog tapeworm, Echinococcus granulosus]: Patient weighing 60kg or more - 400mg BD x 28/7. Below 60kg: 15mg/kg/day [given in 2 divided doses] x 28/7. These doses are repeated 3 times after 14-days drug holiday. Neurocysticer- cosis [active lesions caused by larval forms of the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium]: Patient weighing 60kg or more-400mg BD for 8-30 days. Below 60kg: 15mg/kg/day [given in 2 divided doses] for 8-30 days.
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Zentel. tabs 400mg 1 KES170.40
Zentel. susp 100mg/5mL:20mL 1 KES170.40
Alben. tabs 400mg 1 KES51.70
Alben. tabs 400mg 1 KES51.70
Alben. tabs 400mg 500 KES2,642.40
Alben. susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES75.20
Zentel. tabs 200 mg 2 KES200.00
Zolex. tabs 400 mg 50 KES215.00
Zeben. tabs 200mg 2 KES4 1.00
Zeben. susp 400mg/20mL 1 KES55.00
Tanzol tabs 400mg 20 KES87.00
Tanzol tabs 400mg 1000 KES1,920.00
Tanzol susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES13.00
Albasol tabs 200mg 2 KES30.00
Albasol susp 200mg/5mL:10mL 1 KES30.00
ABZ. tabs 400mg 1 KES25.00
ABZ. susp 400mg/10mL:10mL 1 KES41.00
Wombit susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES30.00
Alphin DS tabs 400mg 50 KES1110.00
Anthel susp 200mg/5mL:10mL 1 KES30.00
Alzena susp 10mL 1 KES19.00
Calben susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES17.00
Hizent susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES45.00
Albest susp 200mg/5mL:10mL 1 KES30.00
Albemed tabs 200mg 2 KES3.00
Albemed tabs 400mg 1 KES6.25
Albemed tabs 400mg 1000 KES2,100.00
Albemed susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES17.00
Nilworm susp 200mg/10mL 1 KES20.00
Nilworm tabs 400mg 1 KES10.00
Normnil. tabs 400mg 1 KES12.00
Normnil. susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES20.00
Womnil. susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES20.00
Wombit tabs 200mg 2 KES14.00
Wombit tabs 200mg 1000 KES2,800.00
Wombit tabs 400mg 100 KES350.00
Wombit tabs 400mg 1000 KES4,400.00
Altoa. tabs 400mg 1 KES10.00
Altoa. tabs 400mg 100 KES450.00
Altoa. susp 200mg/5mL:10mL 1 KES17.00
Almex. susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES45.00
Almex. tabs 400mg 1 KES15.00
Almex. tabs 400mg/unit 50 KES750.00
Almex. tabs 400mg/loose pack 100 KES360.00
Nubend. tabs 400mg 1 KES10.00
Albaxate. susp 200mg/5ml:10mL 1 KES18.00
Albendol. tabs 200mg 2 KES6.00
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