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E.N.T, UTI, RTI, skin and soft tissues, bone, joint, GI, intra-abdominal, pelvic and severe infections, gonorrhea.
Doses range from 250 to 500mg OD or BD for 7 to 14 days depending on the severity and nature of the infection. A dose of 250mg OD x 3/7 may be given for uncomplicated UTIs. A 28-day course of treatment with a dose of 500 mg OD should be given for chronic bacterial prostatitis. Doses of 750mg OD for 7 to 14 days may be used for complicated skin infections and for hospital-acquired pneumonia; a shorter course of 750mg OD for 5/7 may be given for community-acquired pneumonia, acute bacterial sinusitis, complicated urinary-tract infections, and acute pyelonephritis. A 60-day course of treatment with a dose of 500mg OD can be used for treatment and post-exposure prophylaxis of inhalation anthrax.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
L-Bac. tabs 500mg 5 KES320.00
Levocil. tabs 250mg 10 KES303.00
Levocil. tabs 500mg 10 KES832.00
Levocil. inf. 500mg/100mL 1 KES371.00
Spectrix. tabs 500mg 10 KES958.00
Tavanic tabs 500mg 5 KES2,151.00
Tavanic inj 500mg 1 KES3,436.00
Leflocin. inf. 750mg/150mL 1 KES810.00
Leeflox. tabs 500mg 5 KES200.00
Levomac. tabs 500mg 5 KES239.00
Levomac. inf. 500mg:100mL 1 KES240.00
Levomac. tabs 750mg 10 KES917.00
Evo. tabs 500mg 10 KES376.00
Evo. tabs 500mg 20 KES1,000.00
Levo-G tabs 500mg 10 KES550.00
Levo-G tabs 750mg 10 KES750.00
Lovocin tabs 500mg 10 KES87.00
Utivanic tabs 500mg 10 KES650.00
Utivanic tabs 750mg 10 KES750.00
Lamiwin tabs 500mg 10 KES750.00
Lamiwin Inf 500mg/100mL 1 KES350.00
L-vxin tabs 500mg 10 KES70.00
Levoday tabs 500mg 10 KES100.00
Evonex. tabs 500mg 20 KES420.00
Levoxcin tabs 500mg 10 KES200.00
Levoxcin tabs 750mg 10 KES636.00
Levotop Tablets tabs 500mg 10 KES500.00
Levotil. tabs 500mg 10 KES250.00
Glevonix. tabs 500mg 10 KES990.00
Glevonix. tabs 750mg 10 KES1200.00
Glevonix. inf. 500mg/100mL 1 KES500.00
Levoquin. tabs 500mg 20 KES1200.00
Levo. tabs 500mg 10 KES320.00
Levostand. tabs 500mg 10 KES65.00
Levobact. tabs 250mg 5 KES222.00
Levobact. tabs 500mg 10 KES440.00
Levobact. tabs 750mg 10 KES940.00
Levobact. inf. 500mg/100mL 1 KES291.00
Ablevox. inf. 5mg/mL:100mL 1 KES184.00
Levo.Denk tabs 250mg 10 KES691.00
Levo.Denk tabs 500mg 10 KES884.00
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