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Imipenem / Cilastatin
Aerobic and anaerobic gram +ve and -ve bacterial infections. Septicaemia, endocarditis, gynaecological infections, mixed infections, bone, joints, skin and soft tissue infections
By intravenous infusion, in terms of imipenem, 1–2 g daily [in 3–4 divided doses]; less sensitive organisms, up to 50 mg/kg daily [max. 4 g daily] in 3–4 divided doses; child 3 months and older, 60 mg/kg [up to max. of 2 g] daily in 4 divided doses; over 40 kg, adult dose Surgical prophylaxis, 1 g at induction repeated after 3 hours, supplemented in high risk [e.g. colorectal] surgery by doses of 500 mg 8 and 16 hours after induction. Children: < 1 week old; >1.5g BW: 5mg/kg IV 12hourly for non-CNS infections, 1- 4 weeks old; >1.5 g BW: 25mg/kg IV 8hourly for non-CNS infections. 4 weeks old-3 months old; >1.5 g BW: 25mg/kg IV 6hourly for non-CNS infections. >3 months old: 15-25 mg/kg/dose IV 6hourly for non-CNS infections; not to exceed 2g/day for fully susceptible organisms or 4g/day for moder- ately susceptible organisms. >12 years old: 10- 15 mg/kg IM 6hourly for mild to moderate infections Cystic fibrosis patients, up to 90 mg/kg/day IV used in older children.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Pantin inj 500mg/500mg 1 KES1,800.00
Tienam inj 500mg/500mg 1 KES2102.00
Alimpenam C Inj 500mg/500mg 1 KES1710.00
Bacqure. inj 1gm 1 KES1620.00
Imbac. inj 500mg/500mg 1 KES1971.00
Lastinem. inj. 500mg 1 KES1800.00
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