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Congestive heart failure, atrial flutter, paroxysmal atrial tachycardia, cardiogenic shock.
When symptoms are mild, slow digitalization is safer and just as effective as the rapid method. If symptoms are moderately severe, the rapid oral method may be used, but the patient should be examined before each dose with particular attention to the cardiac rhythm. An ECG should be recorded if there is any doubt about the nature of the pre-therapy rhythm or changes during digitalization. Intravenous digitalization is rarely required in chronic heart failure; it should be used only in hospitalized patients with careful monitoring. Adults: Rapid digitalization orally: 0.75mg to 1.5mg as single dose followed by maintenance dose. Slow digitalization orally: 0.25-0.75mg daily for about one week, followed by maintenance dose. Maintenance dose: 0.25-0.5mg daily. Children under 10 years: Digitalization; 10-20mcg/kg 6 hourly. Maintenance; 10-20mcg/kg in a single or divided dose. Emergency digitalization; 0.5–1.0mg given by total parental dose slowly
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Digoxin, by Medisel tabs 250mcg 100 KES250.00
Digitalis. tabs 250mcg 100 KES225.00
Digomet. tabs 125mcg 100 KES200.00
Digomet. tabs 250mcg 100 KES210.00
Digoxin, by Metro tabs 62.5mcg 28 KES280.00
Digoxin, by Metro tabs 125mcg 28 KES280.00
Digoxin, by Metro tabs 250mcg 28 KES280.00
Lanoxin. tabs 0.25mg 500 KES6210.00
Lanoxin. susp 0.005%w/v: 60mL 1 KES2533.68
Lanoxin. Inj. 0.5mg/2mL 5 KES1962.36
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