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Dinoprost (Prostaglandin F2)
Induction of labour; elective abortion [between 12-18 weeks of gestation]; treatment of incomplete abortion; therapeutic abortion [e.g. in cases of intra-uterine fetal death and congenital abnormalities incompatible with life]; injected intra-arterially for use as a vasodilator to assist in angiography
As an abortifacient agent: 40mg [base] intraomniotically [the first 5mg is given at a rate not exceeding 1mg per minute to determine sensitivity and to confirm that the medication is not being administered intravascularly. The remaining 35mg is given over the next 5 minutes. 10-40mg [base] can be given 24hrs after the initial dose if the abortion process is not established or completed as long as the membranes are still intact. Induction of labor: IV infusion 2.5 mcg per minute [when required, the dose can be doubled hourly to maximum of 20 mcg per minute to maximum total dose of 1 - 4 mg]. See product literature for further details.
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