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Septicemia, meningitis in neonates and infants, peri-operative infections‘ prophylaxis, UTI, RTI, bone, joints, skin and soft tissue infections, N. gonorrhea and H. influenza.
By mouth [as cefuroxime axetil], 250mg twice daily in most infections including mild to moderate lower-respiratory-tract infections [e.g. bronchitis]; doubled for more severe lower-respiratory-tract infections or if pneumonia suspected. Urinary-tract infection, 125mg twice daily, doubled in pyelonephritis. Gonorrhea, 1g as a single dose. Child over 3 months, 125mg twice daily, if necessary doubled in child over 2 years with otitis media. Lyme disease, adult and child over 12 years, 500mg twice daily for 14–21 days [for 28 days in Lyme arthritis] [unlicensed duration] By I.M injection or I.V injection or infusion, 750mg every 6–8 hours; 1.5g every 6–8 hours in severe infections; single doses over 750mg I.V route only. Child usual dose 60 mg/kg daily [range 30–100mg/kg daily] in 3–4 divided doses [2–3 divid-ed doses in neonates]. Gonorrhoea, 1.5g as a single dose by intramuscular injection [divided between 2 sites] Surgical prophylaxis, 1.5g by intravenous injection at induction; up to 3 further doses of 750mg may be given by intramuscular or intravenous injection every 8 hours for high-risk procedures. Meningitis, 3g intravenously every 8 hours; child, 200–240 mg/kg daily [in 3–4 divided doses] reduced to 100 mg/kg daily after 3 days or on clinical improvement; neonate, 100mg/kg daily reduced to 50mg/kg daily.
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Cefasyn. tabs 500mg 10 KES235.29
Cefasyn. inj 750mg/15ml 1 KES247.75
Zinacef inj 750mg 1 KES484.18
Zinnat tabs 250mg 10 KES1,139.90
Zinnat tabs 500mg 10 KES2,091.90
Zinnat dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES698.10
Zinnat dry syr 125mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES1,222.20
Zinnat dry syr 250mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES1,222.20
Zolidon. tabs 500mg 10 KES450.00
Zolidon. dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES319.00
Kefrox. tabs 500mg 10 KES896.00
Kefrox. dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES449.00
Kefrox. dry syr 250mg/mL:50mL 1 KES603.00
Kefrox. inj 750mg/vial 1 KES200.00
Ceftyl tabs 500 mg 10 KES1,015.00
Kefurox. tabs 250mg 10 KES115.00
Kefurox. tabs 500mg 10 KES158.00
Kefurox. inj 750mg 1 KES64.00
Proximexa. tabs 250mg 10 KES816.80
Proximexa. tabs 500mg 10 KES1,469.00
Proximexa. dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES567.60
Proximexa. dry syr 250mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES887.30
Evorox. inj 750mg 1 KES180.00
Evorox. dry syr 125 mg/5mL 1 KES199.00
Furocef. tabs 250mg 16 KES390.00
Furocef. tabs 500mg 12 KES450.00
Axacef. tabs. 250mg 10 KES392.00
Axacef. tabs 500mg 10 KES764.00
Roxicef. inj 750mg 1 KES204.00
Cefoxim. tabs 250mg 10 KES510.00
Cefoxim. tabs 500mg 10 KES765.00
Cefoxim. inj 750mg 1 KES263.00
Fetnal tabs 500mg 10 KES295.00
Furomark Inj 1.5gm 1 KES200.00
Zocef tabs 250mg 10 KES275.00
Zocef tabs 500mg 10 KES520.00
Zocef syr 125mg/5mL: 70mL 1 KES365.00
Zocef inj 750mg 1 KES350.00
Cefogen inj 750mg 1 KES220.00
Rufex tabs 250mg 10 KES710.00
Rufex tabs 500mg 10 KES1215.00
Rufex susp 125mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES520.00
Sanfurox tabs 500mg 10 KES380.00
Sanfurox inj 750mg 1 KES115.00
Ximecor tabs 500mg 10 KES850.00
Ceforce tabs 250mg 10 KES289.00
Ceforce tabs 500mg 10 KES400.00
Ceforce dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES330.00
Ceforce dry syr 125mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES467.00
Celza. tabs 500mg 10 KES250.00
Celza. syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES200.00
Dawacef. tabs 250mg 10 KES250.00
Dawacef. tabs 500mg 10 KES300.00
Dawacef. dry syr 125mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES300.00
Zamur. tabs 500mg 10 KES1551.00
Cefotil. tabs 250mg 20 KES750.00
Cefotil. tabs 500mg 10 KES650.00
Cefotil. dry syr 125mg/5mL:70mL 1 KES380.00
Cefotil. inj 750mg 1 KES300.00
Cefuken. tabs 500mg 10 KES640.00
Cefuken. dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES50mL
Cefuken. inj 750mg/vial 1 KES315.00
Mexirof. dry syr 125mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES420.00
Mexirof. dry syr 250mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES520.00
Rofurox. tabs 500mg 8 KES525.00
Lebac. tabs 500mg 10 KES425.00
Lebac. dry syr 125mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES400.00
Altacef. tabs 500mg 10 KES900.00
Kefstar. tabs 250mg 10 KES250.00
Kefstar. tabs 500mg 10 KES750.00
Kefstar. dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES330.00
Kefstar. dry syr 125mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES450.00
Kefstar. inj. 750mg/vial 1 KES300.00
Kilbac. dry syr 125mg/5mL:70mL 1 KES430.00
Cefeal. dry syr 125mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES450.00
Forcef. tabs 500mg 10 KES400.00
Forcef. inj 750mg 1 KES350.00
Injroxime. inj 750mg 1 KES350.00
Pulmocef. tabs 250mg 10 KES250mg
Pulmocef. tabs 500mg 10 KES347.00
Pulmocef. inj 750mg 1 KES316.00
Pulmocef. inj 1500mg 1 KES380.00
Cefakind. tabs 500mg 10 KES530.00
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