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URTI, LRTI, skin and soft tissue and bone infections, joint infections, bactereamia. Malaria prophylaxis
By mouth, 150–300mg every 6 hours; up to 450mg every 6 hours in severe infections; child, 3–6 mg/kg every 6 hours. Counselling: Patients should discontinue imme- diately and contact doctor if diarrhoea develops; capsules should be swallowed with a glass of water. By deep I.M injection or by I.V infusion, 0.6–2.7g daily [in 2–4 divided doses]; life-threatening infection, up to 4.8g daily; single doses above 600 mg by intravenous infusion only; single doses by I.V infusion not to exceed 1.2g; child over 1 month, 15–40mg/kg daily in 3–4 divided doses; severe infections, at least 300mg daily regardless of weight. NB: Not more than 1.2g should be infused within one hour and not more than 600mg is given in a single I.M injection.
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Clindacin Caps 300 mg 100 KES1,800.00
Clindar.B caps 150mg 100 KES780.00
Clindar.B inj 300mg/2mL 1 KES351.00
Dalacin.C caps 150mg 100 KES4,781.00
Dalacin.C caps 300mg 16 KES1,643.00
Dalacin.C syr 75mg/5mL:80mL 1 KES2,244.00
Dalacin.C inj 150mg/mL:2mL 1 KES522.00
Dalacin.C inj 150mg/mL:4mL 1 KES902.00
Dalacin.C inj 600mg/mL:4mL 1 KES902.00
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