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Mild to moderate URTIs and LRTIs, uncomplicated skin and soft tissue infections, STIs by susceptible organisms.
500mg once daily for 3 days or 500mg on first day then 250 mg once daily for 4 days; child over 6 months 10 mg/kg once daily for 3 days or 10mg/kg on day 1 then 5mg/kg/day, day 2 to5 or [Zmax]: 60 mg/kg PO once as a single dose; not to exceed 2g/dose; body-weight 15–25 kg, 200 mg once daily for 3 days; body-weight 26–35 kg, 300 mg once daily for 3 days; body-weight 36– 45 kg, 400 mg once daily for 3 days. Uncomplicated genital chlamydial infections and non-gonococcal urethritis, 1g as a single dose. Lyme disease, typhoid, 500mg once daily for 7– 10 days [7 days in typhoid].
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Side Effects
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Zithrox. tabs 250mg 6 KES120.00
Zithrox. tabs 500mg 3 KES90.00
Zithrox. susp 200 mg/ 5mL 1 KES90.00
Zaha Tablets 250 mg 6 KES151.00
Zaha Tablets 500 mg 3 KES151.00
Azicip injection 500 mg 1 KES602.00
Aziflam Caps 500 mg 3 KES67.00
Aziflam Caps 250 mg 6 KES95.00
Shalzin Tablets 500 mg 3 KES35.00
Shalzin susp 250mg / 5mL: 30mL 1 KES43.50
Swazi Tabs 500mg 3 KES100.00
Azifast Tablets 500mg 3 KES227.00
Azicure Tabs 250mg 6 KES361.00
Azicure Tabs 500mg 3 KES270.00
Azicure Dry susp 200mg/5ml:15mL 1 KES92.00
Azithrocin. Tabs 500mg 3 KES365.00
Azithrocin. Susp 200mg/5mL:15mL 1 KES284.00
Azithrocin. Susp 200mg/5ml:30mL 1 KES479.00
Unozit tabs 500mg 3 KES65.00
Azilin Tabs 500mg 3 KES290.00
Azilin Susp 30mL 1 KES290.00
Ortiza tabs 500mg 3 KES110.00
Azal. tabs 500mg 3 KES275.00
Zymcin tabs 250mg 30 KES920.00
Zymcin tabs 500mg 15 KES920.00
Zymcin susp 200mg/5ml:15mL 1 KES180.00
Zymcin susp 200mg/5ml:30mL 1 KES400.00
Azuma tabs 500mg 90 KES2296.00
Zathrin tabs 500mg 3 KES150.00
Azitcor tabs 500mg 3 KES400.00
Azithral tabs 250mg 6 KES970.00
Azithral tabs 250mg 6 KES970.00
Azithral tabs 500mg 3 KES460.00
Azithral tabs 250mg 6 KES970.00
Azithral tabs 500mg 3 KES460.00
Azithral. tabs 250mg 6 KES970.00
Azithral. tabs 500mg 3 KES460.00
Azithral. susp 15mL 1 KES420.00
Throza DPS 200mg/5ml:30mL 1 KES124.00
Throza DPS 200mg/5mL:15mL 1 KES103.00
Throza tabs 500mg 3 KES105.00
Mazit. tabs 500mg 3 KES35.00
Azithrosafe tabs 500mg 3 KES50.00
Azithrosafe Syr 200mg/5mL:15mL 1 KES65.00
Azidawa. Dry susp 100mg/5mL:15mL 1 KES60.00
Azidawa. Dry susp 200mg/5ml:15mL 1 KES90.00
Azidawa. tabs 500mg 3 KES55.00
Zerocin. tabs 500mg 3 KES35.00
Zerocin. dry susp 200mg/5ml:15mL 1 KES40.00
Zocin. susp 200mg/5ml:15mL 1 KES460.00
Zocin. susp 300mg/7.5mL:22.5mL 1 KES630.00
Zomax. tabs 500mg 3 KES460.00
Zimax. tabs 500mg 3 KES150.00
Zimax. tabs 500mg 6 KES290.00
Zimax. Dry susp 200mg/5ml:15mL 1 KES200.00
Zimax. Dry susp 200mg/5ml:30mL 1 KES325.00
Zimycin. tabs 500mg 3 KES524.00
Zimycin. Dry susp 200mg/5ml:15mL 1 KES331.00
Zithroriv. caps 500mg 3 KES250.00
Zithroriv. Dry susp 200mg/5mL:22.5mL 1 KES250.00
Xolide. caps 500mg 3 KES250.00
Xolide. Dry syr 200mg/5ml:30mL 1 KES400.00
Azic. tabs 500mg 3 KES125.00
Aziwok. tabs 250mg 6 KES222.00
Aziwok. tabs 500mg 3 KES125.00
Aziwok. dry susp 200mg/5mL:15mL 1 KES150.00
Zibac. inj 500mg 1 KES400.00
Zibac. inj + infusion set. 500mg 1 KES672.00
Azique. tabs 500mg 3 KES120.00
Azilide. tabs 500mg 3 KES126.00
Mazit. caps 250mg 6 KES264.00
Mazit. susp 200mg/5mL:30mL 1 KES286.00
Azidoc. tabs 500mg 3 KES298.00
Zmax. SR granules. 2gm 1 KES1,899.00
Zithromax. tabs 500mg 3 KES1,373.00
Zithromax. inj 500mg 1 KES1,749.00
Zithromax. dry susp 200mg/5mL:15mL 1 KES698.00
Zithromax. dry susp 200mg/5mL:30mL 1 KES1,204.00
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