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Mild to moderate pain, antipyretic, fibrositis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis.
Initially 1,200mg daily in divided doses, adjusting for maintenance [max. 2,400mg daily]. Child: 20mg/kg max. 500mg daily for children <30kg. Not recommended for children under 7kg.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Ibucos. tabs 200mg 100 KES144.00
Ibucos tabs 400mg 100 KES252.00
Ibucos susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES105.00
Brufen tabs 200mg 500 KES1,484.00
Brufen tabs 400mg 250 KES1,636.00
Brufen susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES518.00
Brufen tabs 800mg 60 KES5,898.00
Pedifen susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES240.00
Brumed. tabs 400mg 100 KES384.00
Brumed. susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES32.00
Ibumex. susp 100mg/5ml :60mL 1 KES62.00
Ibumex. susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES90.00
Ibumex. tabs 100mg 100 KES101.00
Ibumex. tabs 400mg 100 KES180.00
Orbifen susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES210.00
Ibufil tabs 200mg 100 KES120.00
Ibufil tabs 200mg 1000 KES800.00
Ibufil tabs 400mg 100 KES185.00
Ibufil tabs 400mg 500 KES785.00
Ibuflam. susp 100mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES25.00
Ibuflam. susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES40.00
Calfen susp 100mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES20.00
Fevapyn susp 100mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES20.00
Fevapyn susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES28.00
Ibufast susp 100mg /5mL:60mL 1 KES65.00
Ibufast susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES100.00
Betafen. susp 100mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES78.00
Ibuprofen, by Medisel tabs 200mg 100 KES60.00
Ibuprofen, by Medisel tabs 200mg 1000 KES450.00
Ibuprofen, by Medisel tabs 400mg 100 KES95.00
Ibuprofen, by Medisel tabs 400mg 500 KES360.00
Daprofen. susp 100mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES21.00
Daprofen. susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES32.00
Ibuflam. tabs 200mg 100 KES100.00
Ibuflam. tabs 200mg 1000 KES650.00
Ibuflam. tabs 400mg 100 KES170.00
Ibuflam. tabs 400mg 500 KES650.00
Profen. tabs 200mg 100 KES70.00
Profen. tabs 200mg 1000 KES590.00
Profen. tabs 400mg 100 KES135.00
Profen. tabs 400mg 500 KES590.00
Profen. susp 100mg/5m:60mL 1 KES20.00
Profen. susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES29.00
Gofen. caps 400mg 60 KES1050.00
Bren. tabs 400mg 100 KES180.00
Ponafen. susp 100mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES20.00
Ponafen. susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES26.00
Ponafen. tabs 200mg 1000 KES340.00
Ponafen. tabs 400mg 500 KES340.00
Medifen. tabs 400mg 100 KES113.00
Medifen. tabs 400mg 500 KES360.00
Ibuprofen, by Metro tabs 200mg 84 KES210.00
Ibuprofen, by Metro tabs 400mg 84 KES260.00
Ibuprofen, by Metro tabs 600mg 84 KES560.00
Pedifen tabs 400mg 30 KES105.00
Ibuprofen.Denk tabs 400mg 100 KES1034.26
Ibuprofen.Denk tabs 600mg 20 KES453.00
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