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Diabetes mellitus; diabetes keto-acidosis; gestational diabetes mellitus; malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus; diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency.
The starting dose should be 10-16 units of soluble insulin SC 30 minutes before meal TID. The dose is adjusted gradually in 5 unit aliquots to achieve plasma glucose range of 8.3-13.4 mmol/L in hospital and target the range of 4-10mmol/L at home. Once the blood glucose stabilizes at 8-11.0 mmol/L the patient is switched to the intermediate insulin whose dose is 2/3 of the total dose of soluble insulin. Normally 2/3 of the intermediate insulin is administered in the morning and 1/3 before supper. Management of Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA): Initial fluid replacement with normal saline then 5% dextrose until blood glucose is 12-14.5mmol/L then revert to normal saline until ketonuria is not detectable and fluid loss is rectified. Ten (10) units IV then 10 units IM immediately followed by 6-10 units every hour until the blood sugar of 14mmol/L is reached. This is followed by soluble insulin 8-16 units SC 4-6 hourly then TID and subsequently intermediate insulin as previously described.
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Biosulin R Injection (Regular Human Insulin) inj 100IU/mL:10mL 1 KES555.00
Mixtard 30, Human Insulin inj Soluble 30%/NPH 70%, 100iu/mL:10mL 1 KES506.00
Actrapid, Human Insulin. inj soluble or regular Insulin, 100iu/mL:10mL 1 KES506.00
Insulatard, Human Insulin. inj NPH, 100ui/mL:10mL 1 KES506.00
Insulatard, Human Insulin. Penfill NPH,100IU/mL:3mL 5 KES3748.00
Mixtard 30, Human Insulin Penfill Soluble 30%/NPH 70%, 100iu/mL:3mL 5 KES3748.00
Actrapid, Human Insulin. Penfill soluble or regular Insulin, 100iu/mL:3mL 5 KES3748.00
Mixtard 30, Human Insulin Pre-filled pen/Flexipen Soluble 30%/NPH 70%, 100iu/mL:3mL 1 KES3370.00
Jusline N. NPH. inj 100IU/mL:10mL 1 KES1055.00
Humalog. inj. 100U/mL:10mL 1 KES3,082.20
Humalog. Kwikpen 100U/mL:3mL 1 KES1,620.00
Humulin 70/30. inj 70% Insulin Isophane /30% Human Insulin 100U/mL:10mL 1 KES714.80
Humulin 70/30. inj 70% Insulin Isophane /30% Human Insulin100U/mL:3mL 5 KES4181.00
Humulin N. inj Insulin isophane suspension (NPH) 100IU:10mL 1 KES714.80
Humulin R. inj Regular Insulin,100IU:10mL 1 KES714.80
Humulin R. inj Regular Insulin,100IU:10mL 5 KES4,090.00
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