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Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) when dieting and sulphonylureas have failed to control diabetes, especially in over-weight patients (it is the drug of choice in these patients).
500mg TID or 850mg BD or 1gm OD [Max.:3g. daily in divided doses with or after meals]
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Exermet tabs 1000mg 30 KES285.76
Glucomet XR SR tabs 500mg 28 KES280.00
Glucomet XR SR tabs 850mg 30 KES380.00
Glucomet XR SR tabs 1000mg 30 KES420.00
Glucomet. tabs 500mg 28 KES135.00
Glucomet. tabs 500mg 56 KES240.00
Glucomet. tabs 850mg 28 KES232.00
Glucomet. tabs 850mg 56 KES438.00
Flomet tabs 500mg 100 KES235.00
Flomet tabs 850mg 100 KES165.00
Glucophage tabs 500mg 90 KES609.00
Glucophage tabs 850mg 60 KES731.00
Glucophage tabs 1000mg 60 KES794.00
Glucophage XR tabs 500mg 90 KES1,019.37
Glucophage XR tabs 500 mg 120 KES1,348.00
Glucophage XR tabs 750mg 60 KES612.00
Metfil tabs 500mg 100 KES200.00
Metchek tabs 500mg 100 KES200.00
Metchek tabs 850mg 100 KES350.00
Bio-Met tabs 850mg 100 KES600.00
Emformin tabs 500mg 100 KES440.00
Lofin SR tabs 500mg 30 KES360.00
Lofin SR tabs 850mg 30 KES490.00
Forminal SR tabs 1000mg 30 KES700.00
Metlong tabs 500mg 100 KES700.00
Diaphage tabs 500mg 30 KES75.00
Diaphage tabs 850mg 30 KES120.00
Metica tabs 500mg 100 KES100.00
Metformin, by Medisel tabs 850mg 100 KES350.00
Lipimet tabs 500mg 30 KES110.00
Lipimet tabs 850mg 30 KES160.00
Metmin tabs 500mg 30 KES75.00
Metmin tabs 500mg 100 KES180.00
Glucodeal. tabs 500mg 100 KES330.00
Glucodeal. tabs 850mg 100 KES450.00
Gludown. tabs 500mg 100 KES90.00
Gludown. tabs 500mg 1000 KES800.00
Panfor SR SR tabs 500mg 100 KES668.00
Panfor SR SR tabs 1000mg 100 KES965.00
Metforal. tabs 500mg 50 KES328.00
Metforal. tabs 850mg 30 KES328.00
Metformin, Novartis Access Program. tabs 500mg 60 KES168.00
Metformin, Novartis Access Program. tabs 1gm 60 KES168.00
Comet. tabs 500mg 100 KES375.00
Comet. tabs 850mg 100 KES550.00
Melmet SR. tabs 500mg 30 KES253.00
Melmet SR. tabs 1000mg 30 KES379.00
Ranophage OD. SR tabs 1gm 30 KES496.00
Glucophage tabs 500mg 84 KES330.00
Glucophage tabs 850mg 56 KES400.00
Metformin.Denk tabs 500mg 100 KES740.44
Metformin.Denk tabs 850mg 120 KES1480.87
Metformin.Denk tabs 1gm 30 KES424.00
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