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URTI, LRTI, UTI, GI infections, skin infections.
By mouth, 960mg every 12 hours; child, every 12 hours, 6 weeks–5 months, 120mg; 6 months–5 years, 240 mg; 6–12 years, 480 mg By intravenous infusion, 960mg every 12 hours increased to 1.44g every 12 hours in severe infections; child 36 mg/kg daily in 2 divided doses increased to 54 mg/kg daily in severe infections. Treatment of Pneumocystis jirovecii [Pneumo- cystis carinii] infections[undertaken where facilities for appropriate monitoring available— consult microbiologist and product literature], by mouth or by intravenous infusion, adult and child over 4 weeks, 120mg/kg daily in 2–4 divided doses for 14 days. Prophylaxis of Pneumocystis jirovecii [Pneumo- cystis carinii] infections], by mouth, 960mg once daily [may be reduced to 480mg once daily to improve tolerance] or 960mg on alternate days [3 times a week] or 960mg twice daily on alter- nate days [3 times a week]; child 6 weeks–5 months, 120mg twice daily on 3 consecutive or alternate days per week or on 7 days per week; 6 months–5 years, 240mg; 6–12 years, 480mg.
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Cosatrim DS. DS tabs 960mg 100 KES372.00
Cosatrim DT tabs 240mg 100 KES240.00
Cosatrim susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES60.00
Cosatrim tabs 480mg 100 KES210.00
Trimzole susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES25.50
Unitrim tabs 480mg 100 KES214.00
Unitrim tabs 480mg 1000 KES1356.00
Unitrim susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES46.00
Unitrim susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES77.00
Caltrim susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES20.00
Caltrim susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES32.00
Caltrim susp 240mg/5ml:500mL 1 KES90.00
Caltrim susp 240mg/5ml:5L 1 KES700.00
Sulfran tabs 480mg 1000 KES1,278.00
Sulfran DS tabs 960mg 100 KES275.00
Sulfran DS tabs 960mg 500 KES1350.00
Sulfran Kid DT tabs 120mg 100 KES95.00
Sulfran Kid DT tabs 120mg 1000 KES900.00
Sulfran susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES37.50
Sulfran susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES45.60
Sulfran tabs 480mg 100 KES175.00
Trimoxol. susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES24.00
Trimoxol. susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES34.00
Biotrim. susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES30.00
Biotrim. susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES45.00
Biotrim. susp 240mg/5mL:500mL 1 KES90.00
Biotrim. susp 240mg/5mL:5L 1 KES750.00
Biotrim. tabs 120mg/5ml:100mL 1000 KES500.00
Biotrim. tabs 480mg 1000 KES1,100.00
Biotrim. DS tabs 960mg 100 KES300.00
Biotrim. DS tabs 960mg 500 KES1,200.00
Lecotrim. paed. tabs 120mg 1000 KES400.00
Lecotrim. tabs 480mg 100 KES100.00
Lecotrim. tabs 480mg 1000 KES860.00
Lecotrim. susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES20.00
Lecotrim. susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES30.00
Lagatrim Forte. tabs 960mg 10 KES500.00
Co-trimoxazole, Guilin. tabs 480mg 100 KES206.00
Co-trimoxazole, Guilin. DS tabs 960mg 100 KES344.00
Sulprim. susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES28.00
Sulprim. susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES35.00
Sulprim. susp 240mg/5mL:500mL 1 KES80.00
Sulprim. tabs 480mg 1000 KES700.00
Bactrim. tabs 960mg 10 KES940.00
Septrin Forte tabs 960mg 10 KES455.40
Septrin susp 240mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES239.79
Septrin susp 240mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES371.36
Septrin Inf. 480mg/40mg/5mL:5mL 10 KES13699.26
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