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Postpartum uterine haemorrhage; medical induction of labour; augmentation of labour; hypotonic uterine inertia; diagnosis of utero-placental insufficiency [oxytocin challenge test]; treatment of lactation deficiency [mostly intranasally]; diagnosis of foetal distress
Augmentation of labor: IV initially less than 0.5-2 MU/min, increased every 15- 60 min by of 1-2 MU/min until adequate uterine activity is established. Treatment of incomplete abortion or therapeutic abortion: IV inf, 10 Units at a rate of 20-40 MU. Treatment of postpartum haem- orrhage: IV inf., 10 Units at a rate of 20 - 40 MU after the delivery of the infant[s] and preferably the placenta[s]. Diagnosis of uteroplacental insufficiency: IV inf., initially 0.5 MU/min, doubled every 20 min as necessary to the effective dose [5-6 MU/Min]. When 3 moderate uterine contractions occur with a 10 - minute interval, the infusion is discontinued and baseline and oxytocin-induced fetal heart rate and uterine contraction patterns are compared.
Mode of action
Side Effects
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Oxytocin_laborate injection 10 IU / mL; Amp 1 KES45.00
Evatocin Inj 10 IU in 1mL 10 KES500.00
Oxytocin inj 10ui 1 KES30.00
Oxytocin, by Medisel inj 10iu 1 KES30.00
Syntocinon. inj 5.I.U/mL 10 KES1,169.40
Syntocinon. inj 10.I.U./mL 10 KES1,305.90
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