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Allergic conditions; rheumatic arthritis; nephrotic syndrome; collagen diseases; fulminating SLE; bronchial asthma; status asthmaticus; severe chronic bronchial asthma; chronic ulcerative colitis; thrombocytopenia; organ transplant; shock [cardiogenic / traumatic].
Initially up to 10-20mg daily [max. 60mg daily]. Maintenance dose: 2.5-15mg daily. In acute attacks of asthma: High dose prednisolone 30-40mg daily and reduced gradually once the attack is controlled. In chronic asthma: small doses taken in the morning to reduce the interference of circadian cortisol secretion. Child 1 month–18 years initially 1–2mg/kg once daily [usual max. 60 mg daily].
Mode of action
Side Effects
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Prednisolone, by Cosmos tabs 5 mg 100 KES214.00
Predilone tabs 5mg 100 KES134.00
Predilone tabs 5mg 1000 KES1132.00
Predimed tabs 5mg 100 KES85.00
Predimed tabs 5mg 1000 KES700.00
P-Solon tabs 5mg 100 KES80.00
Prednisolone, by Biodeal tabs 5mg 100 KES130.00
Prednisolone, by Biodeal tabs 5mg 100 KES130.00
Prednisolone, by Biodeal tabs 5mg 1000 KES1,000.00
Pedsol. tabs 5mg 100 KES80.00
Pedsol. tabs 5mg 1000 KES600.00
Prelone Syrup. syr 15mg/5ml:50mL 1 KES311.00
Deslone. syr 5mg/5ml:50mL 1 KES265.00
Predsol. syr 5mg/5mL:50mL 1 KES420.00
Predsol. Forte syr 15mg/5ml:60mL 1 KES785.00
Prednisolone by Metro tabs 5mg 30 KES180.00
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