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Need to reduce lactation; some types of infertility, breast problems and menstrual disorders.
Since dopaminergic stimulation may lead to symptoms of orthostatic hypotension, the dosage of quinagolide should be initiated gradually with the aid of the 'starter pack', and given only at bedtime.The optimal dose must be titrated individually on the basis of the prolactin-lowering effect and tolerability. With the 'starter pack' treatment begins with 25mcg/day for the first 3 days, followed by 50mcg/day for a further 3 days. From day 7 onwards, the recommended dose is 75mcg/day. If necessary, the daily dose may then be increased stepwise until the optimal individual response is attained. The usual maintenance dosage is 75 to 150 mcg/day. Daily doses of 300 mcg or higher doses are required in less than one-third of the patients. In such cases, the daily dosage may be increased in steps of 75 to 150mcg at intervals not shorter than 4 weeks until satisfactory therapeutic effectiveness is achieved or reduced tolerability, requiring the discontinuation of treatment, occurs.)
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