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Acute attacks of P. falciparum resistant to common antimalarials.
Orally 600mg [of stat] TID x I/52. I.V infusion: Loading dose: 20mg/kg [max. 1.4g] over hours, then 10mg/kg [max. 700mg] after every 8 hours over 4 hours. When the patient can swallow the dose switch to artemisinin combined therapy. [ACT]
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Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Quinine, by Laborate inj 300mg/ml; Amp 1 KES17.85
Quinax inj 300mg/2mL:2mL 1 KES19.50
Quinax Inj 600mg/2mL:2mL 1 KES25.00
Curaquin. susp 100mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES113.00
Mosqin inj inj 600mg/2ml 1 KES21.00
Quinine-Universal tabs 300mg 100 KES616.00
Quinine-Universal tabs 300mg 1000 KES5,999.00
Quinine, by Medisel inj 600mg/2ml 1 KES20.00
Topquine. syr 50mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES37.00
Topquine. syr 50mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES50.00
Topquine. Paed. drops 200mg/ml:15mL 1 KES105.00
Quinidil. tabs 300mg 100 KES600.00
Quinidil. tabs 300mg 1000 KES4,800.00
Quinine, by Allied Mixt. 50mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES18.00
Quinine, by Allied Mixt. 50mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES27.00
Quinamor. susp 50mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES32.00
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