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Chemotherapy resistant advanced follicular lymphoma
NHL: 375 mg/m2. CLL: 375 mg/m2 in the first cycle and 500 mg/m2 in cycles 2 - 6, in combination with FC, administered every 28 days. The dose as a component of ibritumomab tiuxetan, Therapeutic Regimen: 250 mg/m2. the dose for RA in combination with methotrexate: two-1000 mg IV infusions separated by 2 weeks (one course) every 24 weeks or based on clinical evaluation, but not sooner than every 16 weeks. Give methylprednisolone 100 mg IV or equivalent steroid 30 minutes prior to each infusion. The induction dose for patients with active GPA and MPA in combination with steroid: 375 mg/m2 once weekly for 4 weeks.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Mabthera injection 100mg/10mL 2 KES81,075.00
Mabthera injection 500mg/50mL 1 KES202,831.00
Rituxirel Inj 500mg/10mL 1 KES70,000.00
Rituxirel Inj 100mg/10mL 1 KES25,000.00
Rituximab..Amring Inj. 50mg/50mL:50mL 1 KES103800.00
Rituximab..Amring Inj. 100mg/10mL 2 KES48440.00
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