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Invasive intestinal amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Urogenital trichmoniasis, Acute dental infections. Surgical prophylaxis, leg ulcer and pressure sore, bacterial vaginosis, acute ulcerative gingivitis.
Invasive intestinal amoebiasis: 800mg TID x 5/7. 3-7years; 200mg QID x 5/7. 7- 10years; 200-400mg TID. Giardiasis: 2g daily 3/7. Children, 1-3years: 500mg daily, 3-7years; 600-800mg daily, 7-10years; 1g daily. Urogeni- tal trichmoniasis: 200mg TID x 1/52 or 400mg BD x 1/52 or 800mg morning and 1.2g at night for 2 days or 2g stat. Children: 1-3years; 500mg TID 1/52, 3-7years; 100mg TID1/52, 7-10years; 100mg TID 1/52. Acute dental infections: 400mg TID. Surgical prophylaxis, leg ulcer and pressure sore, bacterial vaginosis, acute ulcerative, gingivitis.
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Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Metrozol tabs 400mg 100 KES210.00
Zagole. susp 200mg/5ml:60mL 1 KES111.60
Zagole. susp 200mg/5ml:100mL 1 KES163.40
Labzole susp 200mg/5ml:100mL 1 KES27.00
Flagyl tabs 400mg 100 KES1,046.00
Flagyl susp 200mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES496.00
Flagyl inf. 500mg/100mL 1 KES216.00
Flagyl inj 0.5mg :100ml 1 KES227.00
Megyl susp 200mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES60.00
Trogyl susp 200mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES30.00
Trogyl susp 200mg/mL:100mL 1 KES45.00
Filmet susp 100mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES124.00
Nelzole susp 200mg/5ml:100mL 1 KES47.00
Metrowin Sugar-coated tabs 200mg 1000 KES500.00
Metrowin Un-coated tabs 200mg 1000 KES325.00
Eflaron. susp 200mg/5ml:100mL 1 KES35.00
Eflaron. susp 200mg/5ml:60mL 1 KES23.00
Eflaron. tabs 200mg 100 KES65.00
Eflaron. tabs 200mg 1000 KES400.00
Eflaron. tabs 400mg 500 KES400.00
Trogyl s/c tabs 200mg 1000 KES650.00
Trogyl Uncoated tabs 200mg 1000 KES550.00
Trogyl tabs 400mg 500 KES450.00
Tricozole. tabs 200mg 100 KES60.00
Tricozole. tabs 200mg 1000 KES400.00
Tricozole. tabs 250mg 100 KES120.00
Tricozole. tabs 250mg 1000 KES450.00
Tricozole. tabs 400mg 100 KES110.00
Tricozole. tabs 400mg 500 KES400.00
Tricozole. susp 200mg/5mL:60mL 1 KES20.00
Tricozole. susp 200mg/5mL:100mL 1 KES33.00
Metronidazole, by Amanta inf. 5mg/mL.100mL 1 KES25.00
Amebazole. tabs 200mg 1000 KES400.00
Amebazole. tabs 400mg 500 KES580.00
Amebazole. susp 200mg/5ml:60mL 1 KES23.00
Amebazole. susp 200mg/5ml:100mL 1 KES34.00
Amebazole. s/c tabs 200mg 1000 KES380.00
Amebazole. s/c tabs 400mg 500 KES380.00
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