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Management of moderate to moderately severe pain.
ORALLY: Over 12 years: 50-100mg every 6 hours (max. 400mg daily). PARENTERALLY: 50mg - 100mg 4 - 6 hourly by IM STAT or IV over 2–3 minutes. For post-operative pain: 100mg STAT then 50mg after 1hr. 50mg may be given every 10-20 minutes up to a max. of 250mg. This may be followed by 50mg - 100mg 4- 6 hourly up to a total daily dose of 400mg.
Mode of action
Side Effects
Pregnancy risk
Special information
Brands containing this Ingredient
Name Form. Strength Pack Price Insert Manufacturer Distributor
Tramadol_Laborate inj 50mg/m:2mL 1 KES11.50
Upmadol caps 50 mg 20 KES40.00
Coltra. inj 100mg 10 KES198.00
Coltra. tabs 50mg 20 KES172.00
Strom. Tabs 50mg 100 KES790.00
Strom. SR caps 100mg 100 KES1645.00
Strom. inj 100mg/2ml 10 KES660.00
Takol CR CR caps 100mg 10 KES490.00
Urgendol caps 50mg 100 KES2,555.00
Urgendol SR tabs 100mg 100 KES4225.00
Urgendol inj 50mg/mL:1mL 5 KES350mg
Urgendol inj 100mg/2mL:2mL 5 KES460.00
Domadol tabs 50mg 100 KES1,000.00
Domadol inj 50mg/mL:1mL 5 KES175.00
Domadol inj 100mg/2mL:2mL 5 KES320.00
TRD-Contin CR tabs 100mg 50 KES2970.00
Unitram inj 50mg/mL 1 KES11.00
Dolafree Sublingual tabs 50mg 30 KES350.00
Dolafree SR tabs 100mg 30 KES600.00
Trabilin. caps 50mg 20 KES920.00
Trabilin. inj 100mg 5 KES1070.00
Anadol. caps 50mg 20 KES140.00
Anadol. caps 50mg 30 KES200.00
Anadol. inj 100mg/2mL 5 KES125.00
Anadol. inj 100mg/2ml 10 KES240.00
Tramadol, Kilitch inj 50mg/mL 1 KES25.00
Trasic. caps 50mg 100 KES900.00
Tramadol.Denk Efferv. tabs 50mg 10 KES499.00
Tramal. caps 50mg 10 KES594.00
Tramal. SR tabs 100mg 30 KES3,408.00
Tramal. inj 100mg/2mL 5 KES1,197.00
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